Amy Katnik
Chief Operating Officer at ApolloMD

We are delighted to have Amy Katnik, the dynamic Chief Operating Officer at ApolloMD, join us on The ASHHRA Podcast. Her 32-year career journey has certainly been captivating, and her expertise is vast. 

Known for her exceptional responsiveness, Amy has broken barriers as the group's first non-clinical and female executive. Her command over Apollo MD's diversified service lines, such as emergency medicine, hospital medicine, anesthesia, scheduling, recruiting, medical staff services, billing, and customer solutions, is truly remarkable. Indeed, it seems there isn't anything she can't do at Apollo MD.


  • How did you decide to work in healthcare? 1:15
  • Proactively reaching out to others. 3:30
  • How do you communicate with physicians? 6:12
  • How to set the guardrails for the new organization. 10:55
  • Leadership and influencing before influencing. 13:44
  • Shifting the culture to reflect a physician-friendly environment. 15:51
  • Creative ways to take care of patients. 24:49