Becky Rauen
President, Board of Directors at ASHHRA

On this episode of The ASHHRA Podcast, guest Becky Rauen, President or the ASHHRA Board of Directors, discusses the importance of healthcare HR professionals becoming members of ASHHRA. ASHHRA is going through a transformational journey to provide more value to its members and explore partnerships with great companies. Discussion also includes talking about the benefits of taking care of the teams and creating an authentic people-focused culture. Bo, Luke, and Becky discuss the revenue impact of a positive culture in health systems and how it's crucial to the success of an organization. They explore the importance of resiliency, the benefits of being involved with the board and committees of ASHHRA, and the impact of a positive culture on both patient care and revenue. This inspiring and informative episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in healthcare HR and making a positive impact on the industry.

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