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Upcoming Guests

Travis Walker

Coach & Business Builder... Sales Leader & Sales Specialist... Former Tesla VP Episode 5 on 10/29/2020

Mimi & Kofi Nartey

LA Power Couple - True Grit, Helping Others, & Living Their Family Values! Episode 6 on 11/05/2020

Mark Hyer

Veteran... 150 lb. Weight Loss... COVID19 Layoff... Stayed Positive + Built Battle Rhythm Episode 7 on 11/12/2020

Lilly Moran

From Showtime's hit show "Billions", Lilly joins Bo & Luke to talk behind the scenes. She's also a volunteer at heart & shares about the importance of helping others. Episode 8 on 11/19/2020

Joyce Russell

President at Adecco Group US Foundation & Author of "Cherry on Top" + panelist and participant at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Episode 10 on 12/3/2020

Who We Are

Robert "Bo" Brabo


Luke Carignan


Vince Calo

Entrepreneur - NFL Agent - Attorney

Jarrod Wilson

NFL Player - Jacksonville Jaguars

Bobby Moran

C-Suite Exec

Jason Leverant

C-Suite Exec

KC Chhipwadia

Founder - Athlete Foundry

Marques Ogden

Former NFL Player & Keynote Speaker

Mike Barger

JetBlue Co-Founder & Former US Navy TOPGUN Pilot & Chief Instructor

Rachel Noble

Director of Women's Behavioral Health - INOVA Health System

Zara Northover OLY

Olympic athlete, entrepreneur, and elite mortgage banker!

Chelsea Tooker, RN

Northwestern Memorial Hospital - Chicago

She's in the thick of it (COVID19 - ICU)

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Roman Roberts

Podcast Host - Real Talk with Roman

Tony Estese

Soldier, Model, Actor, Movie Producer, and Writer!

Cathy Fyock

The Business Book Strategist

"Your book is your best business card"

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Joanie Courtney

President - RemX Specialty Staffing & Fox Business Contributor

Rob Campbell - Colonel (Retired) US Army

Author + Professional Speaker

Founder of Rob Campbell Leadership LLC

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Aaron Terwedo

Vice President, Financial Planning at TFS Advisors, LLC

Tracy Sprinkle

Professional Athlete + Business Owner + Entrepreneur

Tracy joins the show to share his journey. It's the epitome of our tagline..."Let's Get After It".

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Ty Pinkins

Author | Former Presidential Communications Officer for President Obama

Lieutenant Colonel Lisa Jaster - US Army

Army Ranger (i.e. Bad Ass) & Engineer

Mary Lucas

Author + Keynote Speaker

Extraordinary life lessons for everyone!

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Zyon Gooden

US Army Chief Warrant Officer (Retired) + Entrepreneur

Marlon Kerner

Buffalo Bills - Director, Player Engagement + Alumni

Jeku Arce

Public Affairs + Public Relations

Jennifer Berman

Cast of CNBC’s “Listing Impossible”.

Brandon Paulin

Mayor - Indian Head, Maryland

Rodney Smith Jr.

Founder - Raising Men Lawn Care Service

Harvey Ross

Leader & Community Advocate for the Disabled.

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Social Media Manager

Our Why

Our Why
We developed this podcast with the intent to help our listeners - The Bo & Luke Nation - do better each and every day.  Through our life’s personal and professional experiences, along with those of our guests, we are poised to deliver content that is real, raw, and relevant.  The kind of content that stops you in your tracks (i.e. pause button :) so you can write it down, play it again, and again, and again, until you’ve got it down pat!

Ultimately, going after your dreams is about what you DO - not what you hope or pretend or intend or dream about. Your "behaviors" are where the rubber meets the road. If you're struggling, it's paramount to first move from the depth of darkness to the brightness of light, wherein the the want and desire to change is discovered. How do you get after it?

The Be, Know, Do Process
  • To BE - build both mental and physical toughness. Find a mentor/coach and call on them regularly. Exercise and eat healthy foods. Mind AND Body... not one or the other.
  • To KNOW - learning the technical and tactical skills you need to achieve your goals. Never stop learning and, NO, you're not too old to get after it.
  • To DO - test yourself, or have others test you, on performing the skills you learned. It's not enough to be and to know... you also have to DO!

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