Bill & Sonia Massey
Founders of "The Restroom Kit"

Bill and his wife Sonia are the CEO and CMO of TimeAway LLC a veteran own product Development Company located in Clinton, Maryland. Sonia originally from Queens, New York, a former Administrative Specialist who served in Desert Shield/Desert Storm among her many accomplishments has earned two degrees in the field of Information technology from Strayer University, while Bill originally from Richmond, VA - a former airborne Quartermaster has multiple certifications in the Information Technology field and graduated from TESST College of Technology.

The Restroom Kit is the perfect travel companion whether you’re traveling across town, cross-country or internationally. Designed with the intentions of being used in any restroom away from home, as a means of deriving improved sanitation for users. The Restroom Kit is the first to market personal hygiene product of its kind. The compact portable all-in-one kit contains a lightly scented hand wipe, a biodegradable tush wipe, a patented oversized toilet seat cover and 3 feet of 3-ply toilet paper. Bill & Sonia wanted to accomplish two things: first, educate the public on what they are walking into when entering a restroom; second, offer the public a solution that enhances their situation when entering any restroom.

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