Carole Hackett
SVP & CHRO at Houston Methodist

From humble beginnings as critical care nurses at the Cleveland Clinic to senior-level executives in Houston Methodist's healthcare system, Carole Hackett, CHRO, and Tom Vernon, Chief Experience Officer, are well equipped with knowledge from both operational and business perspectives. 

In this episode they discuss how their "I CARE" values (integrity, compassion, accountability, respect, and excellence, shape hospital culture and share methods for rolling out expectations that promote a culture worthy of emulation. 


· The importance of culture and values.2:36

· The importance of hiring for fit and culture. 11:58

· Redefine who we are and why we do this. 17:01

· Work-life balance… NO; just LIFE. 22:29

· How leaders can start getting quick wins. 25:42

· Key indicators of success; employee engagement. 31:19

· Best practices for building a values-based culture. 36:28

· How to help people understand what works. 42:08

Full Episode Transcript

Carole Hackett and Tom Vernon_Episode 9 Transcript_The ASHHRA Podcast_3.2.2023.pdf