Dr. Craig Kent
Chief Executive Officer at UVA Health

February 2020 marked an exciting time for the University of Virginia Health system when Dr. Craig Kent stepped up as Executive Vice President. UVA Health is a beacon of responsibility, respect and excellence - offering Central Virginians top-notch hospital services including trauma care, cancer treatment and heart centers plus primary & specialty clinics that reach every corner.

"I have always been passionate about providing excellent clinical care, research, and educational opportunities. Medicine connects and unites us all, helping us to lead happier, healthier lives every day."

Episode Time-hacks

  • What motivated you to seek out the leadership aspect of health care? 2:28
  • The guiding light of clinical leadership. 4:54
  • Leadership is a journey of learning. 7:35
  • What’s the future of innovation at UVA Health? 11:43
  • How important is access to health care to you? 14:07
  • Why you need to join us in health care. 16:04