Dr. Jeff Jacques
Chief Medical Officer at Virgin Pulse

As a physician executive leader and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in digital health, Jeff Jacques, MD, has made significant contributions to the development of products and services that deliver personalized support for individuals experiencing complex care journeys. As the current Chief Medical Officer at Virgin Pulse, Dr. Jacques has taken a lead role in enhancing the behavior science approach of the company.

A key focus of Dr. Jacques' work at Virgin Pulse is ensuring alignment with member and market needs. His experience in sales-focused roles in well-known companies such as Cigna, Lark Health, and BioIQ, has given him deep insights into the importance of understanding and meeting the needs of customers. Dr. Jacques' expertise in this area has helped Virgin Pulse to build products and services that address the specific needs of its customers, resulting in impressive engagement rates and high customer satisfaction levels.

Dr. Jacques' entrepreneurial spirit has also been a contributing factor to his success in digital health. He has a keen interest in exploring additional ways that Virgin Pulse's unique capabilities can be utilized to simplify and support the member journey. This approach has resulted in the development of out-of-the-box programs that are tailored to meet individual needs versus one size fits all solutions.

One of Dr. Jacques' key attributes is the ability to integrate his knowledge as a physician with his business expertise to create innovative solutions. His focus on delivering value or ROI by metricizing everything and engaging people has resulted in an ecosystem of over 70 partners to support specific needs of employers. To ensure that his team continuously looks for ways to improve and integrate new services based on data and identifying areas others are not doing well, quarterly consultations with customers are held to identify specific needs and partners are brought in under one service agreement.

Dr. Jacques is a thought leader who has spoken at numerous conferences and taught medical students about the benefits of wellness programs. He understands the importance of sharing clinical knowledge and helping HR professionals and their clients to communicate and encourage employee participation in such programs. Dr. Jacques' remarkable achievements in digital health and his approach to leadership have earned him a reputation as a thought leader in the industry.

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