Dr. Matt Primack
President at Advocate Condell Medical Center

Healthcare is experiencing a massive transition and transformation. It can be difficult to know where to turn for leadership and guidance. In this episode with Dr. Matt Primack, President of Advocate Condell Medical Center, Matt provides the inspiration and information you need to move your organization forward.

In this episode, Matt shares a very personal story as an example of how we can better integrate work and family in order to achieve harmony. He also discusses the importance of gratitude for healthcare HR professionals. This is a thought-provoking episode that will help you rethink the way you approach healthcare..


  • Introduction of today’s guest. 0:06
  • Transition and transformation of healthcare. 3:01
  • Leading by inspiring people to be great. 7:28
  • Crisis playbook for the future. 10:16
  • Taking an internal audit of your own organization. 13:58
  • Calm yourself and your team down. 16:21
  • Mentorship is a focus. 21:41
  • The importance of integrating work and family. 24:16
  • More birthdays, more birthdays. 32:04

Full Episode Transcript

Matt Primack_Episode 10 Transcript_The ASHHRA Podcast_3.9.2023.pdf