Elizabeth Bruno
Chief Learning Officer at Baptist Health

Elizabeth (Liz) Bruno is an inspirational educator and leader at Baptist Health. With a remarkable background in teaching, training management, performance consulting and nursing leadership, Liz demonstrates her commitment to providing excellent service to others through innovative education and organization development. 

Her strong skills as a coach-facilitator, team builder and communicator allow her to create success across the organization. She is here for the purpose of inspiring others and helping the staff stay on top of their game. Ultimately, Liz looks to ensure that Baptist Health is one of the best health systems in the country!

Episode Time Hacks:

  • Building a force-multiplier process. 1:45
  • How has the force-multiplier effect impacted the staff? Morale? 4:49
  • How can we be creative to get the right people in? 8:45
  • Creative partnerships with local universities. 11:38
  • What kind of partnerships do you need to find? 16:45
  • What you have is what you have “now.” 21:30
  • The power and importance of living in the present. 26:27

Full Episode Transcript

Elizabeth Bruno_Episode 4 Transcript_The ASHHRA Podcast_1.26.2023.pdf