Geoffrey Roche
Senior Vice President at Core Education PBC

Geoffrey Roche, Senior Vice President of Core Education PBC’s National Health Care Practice & Workforce Partnerships, joined the show to talk workforce development and more.

Geoffrey is an inspirational leader who believes in empowering others through meaningful relationships. He has a bold vision and the drive to achieve great results, even when presented with challenging obstacles. His ability to create powerful collaborations enables him to think big and pursue innovative solutions for long-term success across various industries.


  • What is the role of Core Ed PBC? 1:45
  • What got you in to this line of work? 3:43
  • The challenges of the healthcare workforce. 5:32
  • Supporting upskilling and career mobility. 10:22
  • The importance of culture in healthcare. 12:45
  • The importance of having a Chief Learning Officer. 15:10
  • How much does data analytics play into the work they do? 19:36
  • Strategies for improving employee retention. 22:19
  • What does leadership mean to you? 25:21

Full Episode Transcript

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