James Barron
Director of Equity & Inclusion at UNC Health

On this episode of The ASHHRA Podcast, we hear from James Barron, Director of Equity and Inclusion at UNC Health in North Carolina. The hosts Luke Carignan and Bo Brabo discuss with James the various aspects of equity and inclusion at UNC Health. James shares insights on data-driven decisions for diversity, how employee resource groups can lead to better engagement and retention, and the importance of creating a values-based framework.

Along with this, the hosts point out that improving listening skills is necessary for better communication with patients, employees, and customers. Moreover, the episode features how UNC Health is actively working towards creating a representative workforce and promoting equity and inclusion in various aspects.

James also highlights the significance of presenting solutions to executives while focusing on creating a lasting impact. Tune in to this informative episode to hear more about James's personal connection with UNC Health and his professional experiences at various healthcare institutions.