KC Chhipwadia
Founder - Athlete Foundry

KC Chhipwadia is an incredible human being. KC joins Bo & Luke to share his journey from combat in Iraq to being selected as a NASA Astronaut Candidate Interviewee and ultimately energized his entrepreneurship with the creation of Athlete Foundry.  KC's true life purpose ― "to improve the odds and inspire others to seek and achieve their dreams by crushing inequities ― starting with student athletes."

"At the moment in time you don't have time to think that - you have to spring into action."

"As a small, lean team, how do I ensure I execute speed while maintaining professionalism, coordination, diversity..."

"They see that I behave a certain way and that I hold them accountable."

"I hold everyone accountable and they see that I hold myself accountable. I'm not ashamed of [my team] calling me out and I ask them to call me out if they need to."

"Eventually sports will end. How do I prepare you to be a productive citizen in society and strengthen the fabric of America?"