Luke Carignan

Luke Carignan is deeply passionate about Healthcare HR, with an impressive background spanning over 15 years in healthcare talent acquisition and technology. His true passion lies in addressing specific challenges by learning from those who have successfully navigated similar issues. As the Healthcare Sales Director at Phenom, a part owner of Core Care, a healthcare staffing firm, and a co-host of The Bo and Luke Show and the ASHHRA podcast, Luke is in a unique position to connect industry leaders and best practices with individuals who are making a significant impact in their organizations.

Luke believes strongly in the concept of work-life harmony rather than work-life balance, seamlessly integrating his passions for business, people, and family into his everyday life. He holds the conviction that individuals have substantial control, up to 90%, over the outcomes they seek in life. He also believes that the quickest route to happiness is through helping others.

In his professional pursuits, Luke's primary goal is to create 'raving fans'. To this end, he commits to holding both himself and his organization accountable for positive outcomes. This commitment includes consistently following through on promises, actively listening, being fully present, and demonstrating empathy in all of his interactions.