Olesea Azavedo
Chief People Officer at AdventHealth

Coming from Eastern Europe at the young age of 14, Olesea Azevedo has experienced extraordinary opportunities to grow and learn the culture. Time spent with influential leaders across various industries has taught her invaluable lessons which ultimately led her to her current position as head of AdventHealth's people and culture team.

It has certainly been an eye-opening journey over these past few years - one that she's grateful for each day! Now, it is a privilege for her to be able to share some of her team's amazing work at AdventHealth with you all today.

Episode Time-hacks:

  • Welcome to the show and the elevator pitch.
  • How do you keep the personal touch with your team? 2:15
  • How the pandemic forced healthcare to innovate in numerous areas. 7:07
  • How virtual nursing is changing the model for nursing. 11:53
  • How do you get the message out to your team? 15:12
  • Are you connecting with your leader on a weekly basis? 20:36
  • The big company that leads with love. 25:14
  • Healthcare has risen to the occasion. 26:26
  • How do you constantly adjust your offerings to be competitive? 31:14
  • Advice for young HR professionals who don’t have leadership training. 36:27