Pubali Chakravorty
Chief Administrative Officer at Promises Behavioral Health

Pubali Chakravorty is an experienced executive serving as the Chief Administrative Officer at Promises Behavioral Health. She is a thought leader with over 20 years of experience in human capital management and business operations & has successfully helped organizations ready themselves for growth and expansion.

Pubali is passionate about helping businesses harness the power of their workforce to achieve their goals. Her approach is tailored to each situation, taking into account the unique needs and challenges of her team and the company as a whole.

Drawing on her extensive knowledge and experience, this episode provides solutions that help healthcare HR leaders optimize their workforce, improve efficiency, and boost performance.


  • The importance of understanding how the business operates. 6:52
  • How important is business acumen in healthcare? 12:07
  • How are you going to really help your team? 17:39
  • Be a listener and an observer. 22:12
  • Do your research before you go to work. 28:29
  • The legal side of HR. 33:58
  • Where does her grit come from? 39:11
  • The importance of being part of other people’s success. 49:23

Full Episode Transcript

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