Robert "Bo" Brabo

Focus on the People.  Throughout his life and career, Bo has always focused on the people, helping them tackle their problems as if they were his own.  Take a journey with acclaimed leader Robert “Bo” Brabo back through a storied career -- to his years on the military battlefield, to a decade in the White House as a Presidential Communications Officer for President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama, and to his experiences as a corporate executive and a small business owner -- to learn from real, raw, front-row stories about values-based leadership and how to be, know, and DO better.

Today, Bo is an inspirational keynote speaker, career / leadership / executive coach, and  business consultant. Click here to book a call with Bo directly.

On January 1, 2021, Bo launched The Brabo Center of Excellence providing fully accredited continuing education for certified HR professionals. He also conducts the FREE live webinar "Earn Your Seat At The Executive Table" every Tuesday an 12 pm EST.