Rodney Smith Jr.
Founder - Raising Men Lawn Care Service

Just over 4 years ago, Rodney Smith Jr. saw an elderly man in his hometown of Huntsville, Alabama having trouble mowing his lawn - so Rodney stopped and helped him out.

That simple act of kindness sent Rodney on a mission to help the elderly, single moms, Veterans, and the disabled mow their lawns, rake leaves, and shovel snow across the ENTIRE country. As of this month, he has completed his 9th 50 state tour in just 3 years. 

It also inspired Rodney to launch the 50-yard challenge, wherein young boys & girls ages 7 to 17 volunteer and commit to mow, rake, or shovel for 50 of those in need in their community .... FOR FREE! 

Listen in, get motivated, learn something, and go spread the encouragement to others. 

You can learn more here: Raising Men Lawn Care Service

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