Taylor Hamilton
Chief Consumer Officer at Ballad Health

Taylor Hamilton is an exceptional thought leader who has made remarkable contributions as the Senior Vice President and Chief Consumer Officer at Ballad Health. Through her visionary leadership, she has redefined the healthcare landscape by fostering a culture of innovation and implementing groundbreaking strategies that have revolutionized the consumer experience.

As the driving force behind Ballad Health's consumer experience, Taylor’s key priority is to create a seamless and personalized customer journey through traditional and innovative digital solutions. She is deeply committed to listening to the needs of consumers and physicians and leveraging those insights to develop new and innovative interactions with patients and families. Her vision is to empower patients with digital health literacy, ensuring they have access to the latest healthcare technologies.

In her role, Taylor has been responsible for developing and implementing a range of successful marketing, communications, community relations, media relations, and digital strategies. Her expertise and strategic approach have been instrumental in driving Ballad Health's growth and success.

Taylor holds a Master's in Biotechnology Enterprise from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Communications from The University of Florida. Her academic achievements and extensive experience make her a highly respected thought leader in the healthcare industry. Through her innovative leadership and vision, she has set a new standard for the healthcare industry and inspired a generation of leaders to embrace digital innovation and customer-centricity.

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