Trevor Brand
Chief Operations Officer at City of Hope

Trevor Brand is a results-oriented individual making his mark on the healthcare industry, currently as COO at City of Hope (formerly The Cancer Treatment Centers of America). Trevor is a trailblazer known for reviving financial performance and optimizing utilization of resources, while simultaneously elevating patient experience with quality initiatives – he is an executive that knows what it takes to elevate organizational operations from ordinary to extraordinary!


“Take it one day at a time, take it one person at a time. And really one conversation at a time. I think we've all struggled, and I struggle with it often. trying to take care of everything in one single day. And we've got 365 of those days in a year to get things accomplished and that not everything happens quickly. But the best quality sometimes really takes time to get that done. So as we're working together, really understanding the true nuances of the particular executive, really working one day at a time.”


  • How did you get started in healthcare? 3:37
  • What does access to healthcare mean? 5:52
  • How to synthesize your goals into a daily goal. 12:15
  • How did you get into this mindset shift? 16:56
  • How daily affirmations work with everything. 18:35
  • Advice for HR Leaders in healthcare. 21:08