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25 Feb

In episode #202 titled 'Creating Not Normal Cultures: Phenom’s Co-Founder, Brad Goldoor's Take on Unique Employee Engagement' on The Bo & Luke Show, hosts Bo and Luke along with their guest Brad Goldoor explore what it means to build a "not normal" workplace culture. The heart of this culture lies in truly getting to know and cherish the people we have the honor to lead at work. 

Brad, who is the Chief Employee Experience Officer at Phenom, shares poignant stories and practices that highlight the significance of personalization in the workplace. From the unique onboarding process where new employees are surprised with a video from their family and friends on their first day, to the 'not normal' stories employees share, Phenom is a testament to an environment where "everybody shares, these not normals about themselves... and we've had people perform on stage with celebrities, chased by lions..." as Brad puts it. This practice of sharing personal tales paves the way for deeper connections and a unique company culture. 

The idea that 'work life harmony', rather than balance, is achievable through embracing what makes each person unique resonates deeply throughout the conversation. As Brad says, "It amazes me the effect, how wide-ranging that reaches and touches things I didn't think about beforehand... you just can't ignore it." 

Luke's experience of being encouraged to innovate and Bo's description of Brad's role are heartwarming accounts of a work environment that values and empowers its people. Describing this culture, Luke recounts, "...the stuff that we test out that then just becomes standard operating procedure within the company is amazing, but it starts with that not normal." 

This approach to cherishing individuals isn't just for internal practices. Companies like Southwest Airlines have embraced Phenom's culture, demonstrating how a unique culture can harmonize employee experience with customer experience. 

It's beautiful how much can be learned from the tales shared on this episode. As Brad summarizes, "... for listeners, the fact that you guys have this podcast is definitely not normal. So kudos to you both." This sentiment captures the essence of what makes The Bo & Luke Show, and the culture at Phenom, truly remarkable. 

Watch Bo & Luke Share a "Not Normal" About Each Other

The narrative punctuates that when we take the time to celebrate our colleagues' 'not normal' traits and histories, we do more than add a bit of fun to the mix. We invest in relationships, we foster innovation, and we create communities at work that feel more like families. Cherishing the extraordinary within the ordinary is the key to building a workplace culture that resonates with the heart, mind, and spirit.