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15 Feb

Are you looking to take your business to the next level? If so, then you need to check out this blog post about building a top globally ranked podcast. You'll learn all about the workflow process and what it takes to create a successful podcast. So whether you're just getting started or you're a seasoned pro, this post is for you! 

Define your purpose and target audience for your podcast Our purpose for building a globally ranked podcast is quite simple: to create quality audio experiences which connect and entertain our target audience. We provide content to a diverse range of listeners who share our same purpose - to engage, inspire and motivate each other. We believe that our podcast has something valuable to offer every single one of its target markets, making our goal clear: providing engaging audio experiences to make a difference in people's lives… ultimately helping them be better, know better, and “DO” better. 

Research and develop an engaging format for your show Before embarking on an ambitious mission to build a podcast, research and development must be conducted to create an engaging show format. To ensure the podcast is conversational, research can be done with interviews or surveys focused on topics that your audience finds intriguing. Once the research is complete, exploring innovative ways to curate the content in order to make it compelling will help to engage your audience even more. Finally, careful research should go into selecting guests for the show who can captivate listeners through creative storytelling and stimulating discussions. The research and development process leading up to the launch of this podcast will prove critical in creating an engaging show format that is a cut above the rest! 

Find the right hosting platform that meets your needs With so many platform and hosting options available, it can be difficult to figure out which one is the best fit for your podcast. You want to make sure you select a platform that satisfies all your needs and requirements; after all, you're aiming to put out content in the top of all podcasts! Research platform options carefully and compare the pros and cons of each. Consider cost, interface design, audio quality, analytics capabilities, user support, and other criteria when making your decision. Once you have narrowed down your choices and found one that fits perfectly with what you need, you can create an awesome show that everyone will enjoy! 

At The Bo & Luke Show, we use Buzzsprout as our hosting platform and we use Otter.ai for transcription and episode time hacks. 

Record high-quality audio for each episode Recording audio for a podcast is an important part of ensuring you're producing episodes that are of a high quality. This audio should be as clear and crisp as possible, as anything less than this simply won’t cut it if you’re striving to be a top globally ranked podcast. Making use of good quality audio equipment is crucial when recording audio for your podcast, so make sure to invest in a quality microphone and audio interface - it will go a long way in helping to ensure that you create content that resonates with listeners. 

Publish regularly and promote your show across social media and other channels When it comes to podcasting, consistent publishing and promotion is absolutely key if you want your show to stand out among thousands of others in your category. Do not neglect consistent promotion across social media and other channels—making sure you’re seen frequently, loud, and clear. Moreover, in addition to regularly releasing new shows, ensure that you give your show the traction it needs for recognition by asking guests to help spread the word about your show. If you publish a podcast with no guests, ask family, friends, and professional connections to share your show. 

When you kick-off your podcast, we suggest having 5 – 10 episodes to publish on day 1, then be ready to start your publishing schedule. Why? According to statista.com, binge viewing / listening is no longer something consumers do on occasion, it has become the norm. Having multiple episodes available when you first launch increases the probability of binge listening and turning a new listener in to a subscriber. 

We get it Creating a top globally ranked podcast is no easy task, but with the right hard work and dedication, it is possible. From defining your purpose and target audience to researching an engaging format for your show, finding the right hosting platform, recording high-quality audio for each episode, editing, and producing them to a professional standard and publishing regularly and promoting yourself across various channels - there’s no shortage of things to consider when trying to reach the top spot. Yet by committing yourself fully to this goal, you can build a successful podcast that ranks among the best in the world! Now go out there and make that dream podcast become reality!