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05 Jul

In today's dynamic and fast-paced world, the workforce landscape is constantly evolving. As this disruption continues, it is essential for organizations to recognize the power of their most valuable asset - their people. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of aligning actions with the belief that people are the company's greatest asset and why it is crucial for organizations to prioritize their employees. 

Empowering Candidates, Modernizing the Workforce

Gone are the days when candidates were solely grateful for being offered a job. With increased transparency and access to information, candidates now have the power to make decisions based on how companies treat their employees. This shift has led to a transformative moment in the world of work, as organizations are now forced to rethink their approach and modernize their practices. 

During a recent episode of The ASHHRA Podcast, our guest, Alyson Gordon, AVP of Talent Strategies at Duke University Health, shared her excitement about how this disruption is creating the opportunity to revolutionize the workforce. By embracing flexibility and actively aligning actions with the belief that people are the company's greatest asset, organizations can attract top talent and create a productive and engaged workforce. 

Creating a Culture of Appreciation and Grounding

Alyson emphasized the importance of regular huddles within her team at Duke. These huddles, held twice a week, provide an opportunity for team members to express kudos, share wins, and ground themselves in their work. This practice fosters a culture of appreciation, where individuals feel seen and celebrated for their contributions. Furthermore, the team at Duke incorporates reading compliments and examining stuck data into their huddles. 

This approach not only highlights successes and achievements but also sheds light on areas that may require improvement. By acknowledging both the positive and the challenging aspects of their work, the team can work together to overcome obstacles and continuously advance. 

Establishing Open Communication Channels

In addition to regular huddles, Alyson's team also holds quarterly town hall meetings for internal business review. These gatherings allow for discussions on results and strategies, ensuring that the team is aligned and moving forward together. Strong communication channels reinforce the belief that each team member contributes significantly to the organization's success. Alyson insists on the significance of both the little and big things in their approach. 

Besides the regular huddles and town hall meetings, each leader has one-on-one sessions with their team, while Alyson conducts these meetings twice a month with her direct reports. These consistent and intentional touchpoints facilitate ongoing communication, promote transparency, and provide an opportunity to address any concerns or celebrate achievements. 

Goal Setting for Success

Setting goals and implementing a quarterly cadence is another aspect of Alyson's strategy for aligning actions with the belief in the power of people. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on priorities to drive outcomes effectively. By setting annual goals and implementing a quarterly check-in, Alyson's team stays on track and consistently reports progress every six weeks. 

Furthermore, cultivating an understanding of individual work preferences and needs is crucial. Each team member's unique approach is respected, and leaders are encouraged to empower their team members to have their own "swings" when interacting with others. This personalization adds depth to the team's dynamic, fosters creativity, and enables the team to form meaningful connections with candidates and employees alike. 

Alyson's thought on making a difference in HR... "Go for the big and bold moves. Nothing good ever really comes from playing safe." 


As organizations navigate the changing landscape of work, it is essential to align actions with the belief that people are the company's greatest asset. By prioritizing their employees and creating a culture of appreciation, open communication, and goal setting, organizations can attract and retain top talent, thereby fostering a more engaged and productive workforce. It is through intentional and purposeful practices that organizations can truly leverage the power of people to drive sustainable success and achieve their vision for the future. 

Remember, on The ASHHRA Podcast, we are committed to providing insights and strategies that prioritize the well-being and success of human resources professionals and their organizations. Stay tuned for more valuable episodes featuring thought leaders like Alyson Gordon.

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